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VIT has many societies and standard organisations. IET, a UK based professional society, works as a well-established technical chapter in VIT. This chapter falls under IET-Chennai which recently became the second largest local network. Under this network, it is the fastest growing and the most dynamic chapter witnessed. IET is an accrediting body and all courses of VIT are accredited by IET. The chapter is a students’ representative group in VIT of Europe’s largest and the World’s second largest professional society dedicated to sharing and spreading global technical and technological knowledge to help the students standout in their careers. IET-VIT is a chapter organisation in VIT having its own set of core committee members conducting events, workshops and conferences from time to time. It focusses on interaction and sharing of knowledge in the fields of science and engineering. It also encourages pioneering research and the publishing of journals. Termed as one of the best chapters in VIT, the members of IET-VIT have been extremely dedicated towards the chapter and worked up to the top-most positions in a very short time period.


VITTUC is a two day National Conference organised annually by the UK based chapter in VIT, IET-VIT. The Conference that has been attracting more than 300 participants every year, seems to exceed the expectations of all resulting in more diverse conference attendees. The delegates gain an insight into the technical issues faced across the globe in status quo and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of the UN representatives and corporate entities. The Conference has been fostering a balance between the national and international policies on a constructive platform. Seeing the growing number of delegates representing their community’s opinions, we earnestly look forward to your participation at this year’s Conference.


Founded in 1984, the Vellore Institute of Technology ranks among the top Universities of the country. The University was established with the aim of providing education to students that was at par with the International standards. It continues to seek innovative ideas to improve the quality of education so that it can create the “leaders of tomorrow”. It is the first educational institution to be awarded with the International Organization for Standardization 9002 certificate for its management during one of its biggest fests ‘Riviera’.It is the first Indian Institution to get the ABET accreditation for the civil and mechanical programs. The Institution comprises of a blend of students throughout the world, who come to seek the best of knowledge. The global standards set at VIT spur us on in our relentless pursuit of excellence


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Honourable Future Delegates,
Esteemed Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

With immense pleasure I would like to invite you all to the sixth edition of Vellore Institute of Technology’s Technical United Conference. I would like to express my gratitude to the Organising Committee for choosing me to serve as Secretary General for this year's VIT Technical United Conference.
TUC transcends the boundaries of a simple debate to become, for the participating delegates, a riveting platform to appreciate, imbibe and practice the art of diplomacy, an understanding of what guides relations between nations, companies and personalities, establishing peace and dousing conflict fires through cooperation, negotiation and compromise. If you are game for deep research on the issues proposed to be taken up during the two days of the Conference, you will surely be able to leave your mark through your erudition, debating and public speaking skills. The takeaways from the Conference, we promise, will be in the form of heightened critical thinking, translucency and eloquent speaking while articulating on any issue, appreciation of teamwork and toned up leadership skills. The Conference promises to challenge you with unprecedented crisis and agendas, providing an opportunity to prove your mettle in contemporary times.
I truly believe that from the wheel to a nuclear bomb, technology has been the only method of advancement in this dynamic world, it has helped us progress from the Stone Age to this cyber-world we live in. While we grasp all the innovation around us as a fundamental change, do we venture back and decode the genuine difficulties it overwhelms us with? Is it truly a saviour from above, or is it an Oblivion holding up in the back of our still extremely human lives?
The Conference, this year, boasts of bigger and better agendas, living up to its legacy. CDPC talks about the spread of the NDM1 superbug which is a gene directing production of antimicrobial resistance. CLBT and CDES talk about the Commercialization of Nuclear Power Generation and Commercialization of Outer Space elaborately, while HCC dates back to the turmoil post World War2 and the new powers and sovereign emerging from it. We are also back with the most sought for Futuristic Committee for Control of Artificial Intelligence which is going to provide a platform for an unparalleled debate for 2 days over the Ethics of AI.
I hope to see you all at the VIT Technical United Conference organized by the Institution of Engineering and Technology chapter of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.

Paridhi Srivastava
Secretary General
VIT Technical United Conference 2017


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22nd & 23rd of April 2017